Lock ‘N Load  Motorcycle Transport Systems tm

Garage Stand  Model  BK-102


1. Assemble cross beams fig. (A) & fig. (B) on TOP ONLY of arms fig. (C) & (D).

2. Using (6) 5/16 “ x 5/8” carriage bolts (supplied) attach the (6) rubber feet to the bottom of assembly.

3. (2) 5/16” washers are supplied as spacers for rubber feet fig. (E) for stability. 

With assembly complete, attach Lock ’N Load BK-100 wheel chock  

Using (2) 3/8” x 3/4” carriage bolts & (2) 3/8” nuts (supplied) secure Lock ‘N Load BK-100 wheel chock to the BK-102 Garage Stand.

1. Place (2) 3/8” x 3/4” carriage bolts through holes in BK-100 wheel chock with threads facing upward, attach with 3/8” nuts.

2. Slide carriage bolts into locking key hole slots and tighten securely. 

ATTENTION:  Use hardware supplied only.  Carriage bolts provided have a shorter neck, providing a tight secure fit, for the design of this product.  The BK-102 garage stand is equipped with openings to accommodate tie down points.

WARNING: Always secure bike to garage stand with adequate tie downs.  Never leave bike on     garage stand unattended.


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