The Lock ‘N Load BK-103 Wheel Chock TM 

NOTE: The Quick Release Plates must be installed to the mounting surface, i.e.: trailer bed, so that the BK-103 wheel chock will slide FORWARD into position, per illustration.


Attaching The Lock ’N Load  BK-103 TM To The Mounting Surface

1. Using the hardware included, attach the BK-103 Lock ‘N Load Wheel Chock TM  to the Lock ‘N Load Quick Release Plate TM. 

2. After assembly,  position the chock in the desired location on the mounting surface, (i.e. trailer bed) . Check under the trailer to ensure it is free of any obstructions.  (Cross beams & Frame members).

3. With the Lock ‘N Load BK-103  Wheel Chock TM  in the desired location, mark and drill the 4 holes to bolt down the Lock ‘N Load Quick Release Plates. TM

4. After the 4 holes are drilled,  remove the Lock ‘N Load BK-103 TM Wheel Chock from the quick release  plates and secure them to the mounting surface.

5. Reattach the Lock ‘N Load BK-103 TM  to the quick release plates and the Lock ‘N Load BK-103 TM is ready for use.

6. The Lock ‘N Load BK-103 Wheel Chock TM is not designed to hold the motorcycle upright independent of straps.  The motorcycle must be secured at multiple tie down points.


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