New Product: BK500 Dirt Bike Chock System

Lock 'N Load - 2018 Promo ~
2018 Commercial highlighting the top selling Motorcycle Transport Systems from Lock 'N Load Inc, including our NEW BK-500 Dirt Bike Wheel Chock. For more information check out:

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Do you trailer a motorcycle?

  • Can you load your motorcycle into your trailer by yourself? Ladies too?
  • In under a minute?

Maybe you “ride yours”. How would you like to detail your motorcycle, or check it’s fluids with the bike standing upright, no kickstand. That is possible too, with our garage stand accessory. Sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Thousands are already experiencing the benefits that the Lock ‘N Load BK-100 system provides.

With the BK-100 Lock ‘N Load Wheel Chock™ mounted, you simply drive or push the front tire into the self locking chock and step off. The bike is held secure. The tie downs are placed between the front fender and tire, eliminating the need to compress the front shocks, and cause damage to the seals. This alone could save you hundreds in repairs.

The Features and Benefits of the Lock ‘N Load BK-100™

  • Loading made easy with Lock 'n Load Wheel Chocks Convenient one person loading, no help is required.
  • Load even the heaviest motorcycle in 60 seconds.
  • Eliminates the fear of the motorcycle falling over.
  • No need to compress your forks, leading to costly repairs.
  • Strap is included.
  • The area around the motorcycle is available for storage.
  • Fits all motorcycles.
  • The chock may be easily removed from the trailer or truck bed when not in use.
  • Several available extras add to the versatility of the Lock ‘N Load BK-100. TM